Coming - John Gillies

Open 11am-5pm, Sat - Sun
25 July – 9 August 
Opening event 2-4pm Saturday 25 July

Artist's talk: 9th August 3pm

3 works:

Is this the Place (360 VR installation)

Crowd (audio installation)

untitled (video-audio projection installed with music performance)
Music Performances
25th July 4pm
1st Aug 4pm
9th August 4pm


Is This the Place?
360 degree stereoscopic VR with sound, (work in progress 2020)
dimensions: 4m circular

Is this the place?
Yeah, this is the place.
They’ve left the lights on.
Is there anybody else outside?

Pollyanna Nowicki  
Clare Grant  
Meg Clarke
Gideon Payten-Griffiths
John Gillies

Artist and Writer
John Gillies
Programming and VR
Josh Harle / Tactical Space Lab