Coming: Wax on Wood

Saturday 5 September-Sunday 20th September
11am- 5pm Friday-Sunday
Opening  Event Saturday 5th September 2pm-5pm

Wow: Wax on Wood
Exercises in Endangered Materiality

 Mandy Burgess
 Kirsten Drewes
 Philippa Hagon
 Elizabeth Rankin
This exhibition was inspired by finding the wooden inserts of an old beehive and marveling at the waxen patina. Two interrelated ideas came together: the endangered status of world bee populations and the related decreasing of forests. The frames were archives from another world and a much more dystopian Anthropocene was our new and awful reality.

In conversation artists Mandy Burgess, Kirsten Drewes, Phillipa Hagon and Elizabeth Rankin formed an idea to use wax and wood in a series of collaborative exercises that would relate to a specific site. All materials would be recycled items and all interpretations of either wax or wood would be accepted. This was not the destructive art of the Anthropocene but a return to the business of bees recreating a hive. Each piece separately would be like a musical scale to be practiced and developed. The artists of this exhibition celebrate the properties of wood and wax to create contemplative abstracted assemblages that draw on the inherent qualities of their endangered materials. The grain and opacity of the wood is complemented by the translucency of wax.

This relationship of the opaque and the translucent is the quiet rhythm within each piece and between the artworks. The walls and floor space will be activated in this collaboration. Assemblage sculptures of recycled materials will engage the space.