Coming - Crossfires

open 14-29 July 2018

Opening Friday 13 July, 6-8pm

Crossfires is an exhibition facilitated by Barbara Halnan, showing the work of artists Ros Cook, Liz Day, Adrian Hall, Barbara Halnan, Rose Ann McGreevy, Jacek Przybyszewski (Polish, living in Paris), Margaret Roberts, William Seeto and Gary Shaw (from Belfast).

Rose Ann McGreevy Dialogue 2014

Crossfires is a group exhibition based around the concept of the connections between artists – both inter-generational in the teacher/student relationship and from the perspective of dialogue between colleagues. The links between artists may be expressed in an action/reaction scenario, where there is a conflict reflected in a divergence of practice.  What is important to me is the dialogue between colleagues – a dialogue through which communication leads to growth both for the individual and within the wider context of the community of practising artists.

Part of my rationale for this exhibition is to continue the sequence of exhibitions facilitated by Rose Ann McGreevy and myself in the years before her death in 2014, but this is only part of the story. The other motivation is to explore the passing on, communication of thinking and techniques which happens in all the art forms – in music the teacher/student relationship is particularly strong and generational lines of composition and performance can be traced back over literally centuries of practice.  Perhaps less clearly defined in the visual arts, it is nonetheless an important element in the ideology of art-making.

It is not that we take the concepts or the practices of other artists, but rather that their practice may inspire our own on a personal level.  Dialogue is the essential element in the transference of passion.  Critique inspires dialogue.­­

I have invited artists to participate who knew Rose, have worked and shown with her, or who count her amongst those who have influenced their own thinking and art practice.

Barbara Halnan

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