WATER & DUST opens Friday 19 June 6-8pm

Artists: the-parcel (Taryn Raffan & Michelle Heldon)

Open 11am - 5pm, Friday - Sunday  20 June - 5 July 2015
foraging, collecting, recording, making and assembling 'the-parcel' is a collective of thoughts and all things everyday… with the things we find, we develop a rationale for living…bringing together the transient and rendering it into an ideology… 

the-parcel formed at the end of 2012 after friends and fellow artists Michelle Heldon and Taryn Raffan had experienced numerous synchronised parallels within their work and their lives. Both connecting to strong ideals surrounding shared experience with associations to attachment they have recently explored these often unspoken relationships together on residencies far north in the arctic circle. Having traversed Greenland and Iceland, their exhibition Water and Dust  is now a shared energy embracing bonds to land, life and distance. Works included in the exhibition are centred around a new site-specific installation connecting conversations between the arctic and Australia. 

binding time 2014

assemblages: found objects, wool and thread
installation photographs Refugium Museum, Upernavik, Greenland

breathe and drag 2014

site specific performance

photographs Refugium Museum, Upernavik, Greenland

currents 2014

site specific installation with found objects

installation photographs H-E-I-M-A, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

grounding water (iceberg pretending to be a rock) 2014

site specific installation: tracing paper, thread and rocks

installation photographs Refugium Museum, Upernavik, Greenland

suspended ground (rocks pretending to be islands) 2014-2015

watercolour, wool and thread on bockingford paper

installation photographs H-E-I-M-A, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland


Artists' Talks - 2-4pm Saturday June 13

On Saturday 13 June at 2-4pm, Deborah Burdett, Mandy Burgess, Ren Fernando, Kiata Mason, Ro Murray, Elwira Titan and Susie Williams will talk about their project, FIVE YEARS ON . . . , and they will be joined by Pamela Leung who will talk about her ArticulateUpstairs work, NOT ANOTHER BLOODY COFFEE SHOP. Come along, have a coffee and participate in the discussion.
Mandy Burgess Ro Murray Deborah Burdett

Susie Williams / Elwira Titan 
above photos: Mandy Burgess/Susie Williams
Pamela Leung

Above photo: Glenn Locklee


FIVE YEARS ON . . . trying to resist 'the unspeakable compromise of the portable work'

Thinking of why we set up Articulate as a project space and Daniel Buren's The Function of the Studio 1971 . . .  which he ended by praising Brancusi (before his studio got moved) for being

. . . the only artist who, in order to preserve the relationship between the work and its place of production, dared to present his work in the very place where it first saw light, thereby short-circuiting the museum's desire to classify, to embellish, and to select. The work is seen, for better or worse, as it was conceived. Thus, Brancusi is also the only artist to preserve what the museum goes to great lengths to conceal: the banality of the work. 
It might also be said—but this requires a lengthy study of its own—that the way in which the work is anchored in the studio has nothing whatsoever to do with the "anchorage" to which the museum submits every work it exhibits. Brancusi also demonstrates that the so-called purity of his works is no less beautiful or interesting when seen amidst the clutter of the studio—various tools; other works, some of them incomplete, others complete—than it is in the immaculate space of the sterilized museum.
The art of yesterday and today is not only marked by the studio as an essential, often unique, place of production; it proceeds from it. All my work proceeds from its extinction.

photos: Mandy Burgess 

Susie Williams
Ro Murray


Opening Friday 29 May 6-8pm FIVE YEARS ON . . . Deb Burdett, Mandy Burgess, Ren Fernando, Kiata Mason, Ro Murray, Elwira Titan and Susie Williams


An Intro 6-8pm Friday 29 May
Open 11am - 5pm Friday - Saturday 30 May-14 June
Artists' Talks 2-4pm Saturday 13 June

FIVE YEARS ON . . . brings together seven women artists who studied together at the National Art School, graduating 3-5 years ago. Their work to date ranges across ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation and explores questions ranging from the contemporary sublime to street art, the gestural act and acoustic journeys to the nature of painting. These artists will spend three weeks together at Articulate project space, using it as it was partly intended, as a residency-project space in which the location has an opportunity to influence the work produced there, and in which 'the location' is thought of broadly, including other artists, the building, the street outside, the location's history etc etc, depending on what artists decide.

The artists in FIVE YEARS ON . . . will explore their shared art school foundations and aspirations so as to open collaborative possibilities and expand individual practices. The opening event is at an early point in this process giving visitors and friends opportunities to discuss plans with the artists and make suggestions. The exhibition and artists' talks in the final weekend will provide another opportunity to see where their journey has taken them, and hear about the ups and downs of the experience.

Ro Murray Five Years On photograph 2015

The artists are Deborah Burdett, Mandy Burgess, Ren Fernando, Kiata Mason, Ro Murray, Elwira Titan and Susie Williams, emerging artists who studied in a range of disciplines at the National Art School, graduating 3-5 years ago. Their art practices range across ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation, and explore a range of issues from the contemporary sublime to street art, the gestural act and acoustic journeys to the nature of painting.

Deborah Burdett

Elwira Titan 

Kiata Mason

Mandy Burgess
Renuka Fernando
Susie Williams/Ro Murray
Ro Murray


LOVE LETTER opens 6-8pm Friday 8 May

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Opening Friday 8th May 6-8pm.
Open 11am - 5pm Friday - Sunday, 9 - 24 May 

Michael Li Present to you, 2015, photograph 

Love Letter is curated by Yves Lee and includes the work of artists Ally Adeney, Cecilia Castro, Andy Ho, Yves Lee, Michael Li, Tania Murphy, Merena Nguyen, Ariel Smith, Annemieke Tierney, Ed Whitelock, Nancy Yu, Aviva Zhang and Jasmine Zhuang Jia.

"We speak different languages, from different parts of the world and maybe even universe, but somehow, through art we can communicate, like a love letter." -curator, Love Letter

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Artist Talks: Ben Denham, Socorro Cifuentes, Antonio Díaz and Joel Martínez: SATURDAY 2 MAY 3pm

Artists Ben Denham, Antonio Díaz, Joel Martínez and curator Socorro Cifuentes will discuss their work in the two exhibitions currently on at Articulate project space; Wave Form by Ben Denham and 43 Reflections for Ayotzinapa by Antonio Díaz and Joel Martínez curated by Socorro Cifuentes and Ben Denham. Socorro Cifuentes with facilitate a discussion with photographers Díaz and Martínez about their work in relation to the current political and social crisis in Mexico while Ben Denham will talk about his laser drawings and moving image works, their relationship to his broader practice, and the rationale for bringing them together with the work of Díaz and Martínez.

Opening Wave Form and 43 Reflections. Photos William Seeto

Above: 43 Reflections for Ayotzinapa
Ben Denham Overdub Waveform 2015
Ben Denham  Laser Line Phase No. 1 2014
Ben Denham Wave Form (detail - sound & video)

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government

through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and
advisory body, and by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an
initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.


Ben Denham 'Wave Form' and Antonio Díaz & Joel Martínez '43 Reflections for Ayotzinapa' - opening Friday 17 April 6-8pm

Open Friday - Sunday 18 April - 3 May 11am - 5pm

Ben Denham Dimensions of Line: Movements of Force 2014 photographic documentation
Wave Form 

Ben Denham has been working with a custom laser etcher and a drawing machine to produce new works on paper. These works include the recording of audio waveforms in marks on paper and the use of the laser to burn intermittent lines through the paper and create a mask for new moving image works. These works extend on the work that Ben presented as part of Primavera 2014 at the MCA and his exhibition IOU in material thought at Mop Gallery last year by working with the new media of the laser and incorporating moving image elements more directly into the drawings.  

Ben Denham, In Flames (windy chaos), 2015, single channel video, stereo sound, custom laser cut mask over LCD screen, 9:34 minutes

43 Reflections for Ayotzinapa

Ben Denham is also curating, with Socorro Cifuentes, an exhibition of photographs by Antonio Díaz and Joel Martínez that will be shown alongside his work. The photographs document the protests that have occurred in response to the forced disappearance of 43 student teachers at the hands of the municipal police force of Iguala, Mexico on 26-27 September 2014. The students, from the Raul Isidro Burgos Rual Teachers College in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, come from humble backgrounds and were training to become teachers for some poorest and most isolated communities in Mexico. The disappearance of these students at the hands of the police, and in collusion with narco gangs, has highlighted both the corruption, violence and impunity that exists in Mexico where over 20 000 people have been forcefully disappeared and where none of those cases has been resolved judicially. Add to this the 100 000 people that have been killed in the so called 'war on drugs' and you can begin to understand the gravity of the situation in Mexico. 

Ben Denham says that rather than being a calculated curatorial decision, presenting Antonio Díaz and Joel Martínez's photographs alongside his work stems from the urgency of the case involving the disappeared students. "Socorro and I were presented with the opportunity to show these works and I already had an exhibition lined up with the gallery so I thought that it would be appropriate for me to share the space with these artists who are helping to document this crucial social movement that highlights so many of the problems that Mexico is currently facing."