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Cecilia White

moving experiences (breathing in, breathing out)

Opening: Friday 31 March 6-8pm
Hours open: Friday - Sunday 1-9 April 2017
to participate: 0408 449 148 or simply drop by
Artist panel talk: 

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Recently I moved after five years in a compact (yet productive) urban space. This, my twelfth overall move, contributes to a much larger, shifting world. Whole populations are incessantly tempted and, too often, tormented to move: personally, politically, geographically, socially. Others are left behind. As I contemplate the packing boxes I haven't seen for a long time, I also contemplate what it means to move, personally and for others, and what might make moving easier.

"to move" has connotations of shifting emotions, objects, purpose, self: moving experiences. Exploring boundaries and boxes Georges Perec wrote in Species of Spaces: 'To live is to pass from one place to another, while doing your very best not to bump into yourself.' But we do bump: so we gather anxieties and try to cultivate wonder along the way. This moving is like breathing: affected by where and how we live and the journey to/from/through living. 

In a site-responsive performance and installation I explore what might happen to our sense of self and suffering if we pause to look, listen and understand who/what moves us and who/what we move? To do this I move into what was once an automotive repair shop and create my new home and twelve small 'moving places' to examine bumping into ourselves and others. Perhaps some of the bumps may ease to offer the next part of the journey as a different experience. 

You're invited to explore breathing space as I move into Articulate project space...with twelve moving boxes ready for y/our experience. You can book a specific time to unpack experiences (Friday 31, Sat 01, Sun 02, Fri 7, Sat 8, Sun 9; 11am - 5pm) by reply email or phone 0408 449 148 or simply drop by.

Further information and details of Artist Panel Talks:

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