Call-Out for funded 2018 whole-space installation project.

Articulate invites proposals for a funded whole-space installation for 29 May - 18 June 2018.

This project focuses on whole-space work because we expect relationships between a work and its location to be apparent when there is only one work. Articulate supports such spatial art practices for their potential to contribute to the broad environmental movement through the role we believe installation and other spatial art practices play as a model for the revaluation of place.

Articulate also supports installation for its own sake, and for the inventive ways in which it is employed by artists. Single, whole-space works can also be the most expensive for independent artists. 

Look here for examples of past whole-space installations at Articulate—these  situate single works in relation to the whole project space, using sculptural, performance, video and other media.

Articulate project space. (photo: Peter Murphy)

The successful artist will receive a $900 artist's/construction fee and rent-free use of the ground floor project space for three weeks with opening event and basic documentation. The artist will be asked to give an artist's talk and restore the building to its found condition. 

If further funding becomes available, this project will become the introduction to a bigger 2018-19 project that would include more funded whole-space projects in 2019.

Send proposals to with plans, images and text that enable Articulate to understand what you plan to do and why. Include background information on your practice in a CV/archive as attachments or give URL of a site where these can be accessed.

See information about the project space here.

This opportunity is also advertised on social media, Articulate mailchimp emails, Art Almanac, etc.

Closing date:  midnight 1 March 2018

Look back here for more details

This project is supported by funding from the Inner West Council 

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