Coming: CLEAVE

Opening Friday June 7 2019 and Friday June 5 2020

Open Fri-Sun 11am-5pm 8-23 June 2019 and June 6-21 2020
(2020 dates tbc) 

CLEAVE shows the work of artists Lisa Andrew, Karen Banks, Linden Braye, Jenny Brown, Socorro Cifuentes, Ben Denham, Nola Farman, Tina Havelock Stevens, WeiZen Ho, Fiona Kemp/Virginia Hilyard, Jacek Przybyszewski, Margaret Roberts and more. 

Articulate is organising CLEAVE to present works that rely on earlier artwork for their sense and construction—works that extend dialogues with artists that have come before, or that are types of appropriation, reiteration, quotation, copy, re-mix, re-make etc, methods of artmaking that are among the wide range now available to artists. 

We call it CLEAVE to emphasise a simultaneous attachment to and distinction from an earlier artwork, as Rex Butler may have meant when he wrote two decades ago: The appropriated copy is always both a destabilising recontextualisation of the original and a testament to its lasting power.(1)  

We are thinking of CLEAVE as an extension of our underlying interest in site-specific and other spatial art practices because appropriation and related practices also communicate content through their media and construction. We expect for example that site-specific works have the potential to revalue place by giving a work's actual location a role in its construction of meaning, and ask now if appropriation, re-makes, etc., also revalue the past, or reconstruct relationships with what remains of it, in a similar way (not expecting that artworks will 'answer' such questions of course).(2) 

We are planning the CLEAVE project in two parts, as a planning show in June 2019 (opening 7 June), that introduces another in mid 2020. We hope each will also have associated talk-events—as planning discussions, artists’ talks, and other contributions. By drawing in the experience and insights of artists with a range of experiences in this area, we hope that the first event will seed expanded activity in the second. 

(1) Rex Butler What is Appropriation? IMA and Power Publications 1996, p 37
(2) Drawing on the argument that the modern culture we are embedded in is characterised by the devaluation of both place and the past, in Anthony Giddens The Consequences of Modernity Stanford University Press 1990

We currently have sufficient tax-deductible donation support so that participation in these shows is rent-free. Artists are asked to contribute to the collaborative curating and running of the show, the latter by joining the sitting roster, contributing to the roomsheet, documentation and so on, as is possible for each artist.  

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