Coming - WeiZen Ho

Open for installation-in-progress:
10am - 5pm Sunday 11th March (Inner West Open Studio Trail) 
11-5pm Friday - Sunday 16 - 25 March

Performance sessions:

Thurs 22 March 630pm - 8pm 

Friday 23 March 630pm - 8pm 

Saturday 24 March 2pm - 3.30pm + 630pm - 8pm followed by closing drinks
Sunday Forum 25th March 2pm (panel members TBC)
Please RSVP to or 0416 038 897

WeiZen Ho's The Subtle Beings is a performance installation that is the result of her two years of travel in Asia to research and witness rituals in Sabah (East Malaysia) and Hanoi, rituals that are connected to her own cultural heritage. 

The work uses hair, text, sound, text, sound circuitry, movement, vocals and video.

Her collaboraters are Katja Handt (costume designer), Iqbal Barkat (film artist), Vincent Tay (cinematographer), Binh Ta (cultural artist-guide in Hanoi), Damian Castaldi (sound circuitry, kinetic sound-to-body designer), Michael Touisuta (sound design collaborater + engineer).  The installation team includes volunteers  Sarah Keighery, William Seeto, Louise Morgan, Alexandra Mitchell and Naomi Ullmann.

For more information:
Potus Sedere 

WeiZen Ho from Stories from the Body #5 (PLATFORM 2017)
WeiZen Ho and Alan Schacher from Hungry Ghosts and Golem 2011

This project has been made possible by Australia Council's Arts Project grant for WeiZen to study and develop Performances, Interpreted & Reimagined of Asian Animistic & Shamanistic Rituals (2016-2018) 

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