FERMENT continues the experiment with exhibition practice begun with FairIsle, Feral and Ferret 

FERMENT invites you to
 locate the part of the Articulate spaces that you like, then ferment an artwork for it (or the other way around).
• experiment with installation and placement of your own artwork in an architectural space that is already altered by the earlier installation of other work, and which will be altered again when the group that comes after you installs around you. 
• enjoy the pleasure and challenge of working with and getting to know other participating artists.  

(If the program below is too hard to get your head around, just pick the dates that suit you and reply to ASAP.) The work of each group will be on public exhibition for two weeks except for the first and last groups (A and F) whose work will be open to the public for one week, and whose fees are adjusted accordingly. Each group will be installing in a space already occupied by the previous group (except for group A) and each group will overlap with the next group by one week (except for F). 

FERMENT 2019 BOOKINGS ( 1 jan-4 Feb 2019)

Fri – Sun 11am-5pm



GROUP A  1/1/19–7/1/19
1 Curtis Ceapa
2 Melissa Baveas
jacquelene drinkall
Dominique Madeleine Devadason 

4 Jan
4- 6 JAN
12 noon Mon 1 JAN –11am Fri 4 JAN
5pm Sun 6 JAN – 12noon Mon 7 JAN
$60 each
Sue Callanan
Liz Bradshaw
(whole project)
GROUP B  1/1/19–14/1/19
1 Mandy Burgess
Sue Callanan
3 Harry Klein
4 Beata Geyer
Paul Cooper
6 Andrew Simms

4 + 11 JAN
4 –13 JAN
12 Noon Mon 1 JAN – 11am Fri 4 JAN
5pm Sun 13 JAN –12noon Mon 14 JAN
$120 each
Sue Callanan

GROUP C  8/1/19–21/1/19
Merilyn Fairskye
2 Rosie Thomas
3 Margaret Roberts
5 Sarah Woodward
6 Stella Chen
7 Julian Day 
Michele Elliot
9 Karen Banks
11 + 18 JAN
11–20 JAN
12noon Mon 8 JAN – 11am Fri 11 JAN
5pm Sun 20 JAN – 12noon Mon 21 JAN
$120 each

Sue Callanan

GROUP D 14/1/19–28/1/19
1 Nina Walton
2 Liz Bradshaw
Jessica Thallmaier
4 Anke Stäcker
5 Barbara Halnan
6 Fiona Kemp
Angus Callander
18 + 25 JAN
18 -27 JAN

12noon Mon 14 JAN – 11am Fri 18 JAN
5pm Sun 27 JAN – 12noon Mon 28 Jan
$120 each

GROUP E     21/1/19–4/2/19
1 Michelle Le Dain
2 Elke Wohlfahrt
3 Lucinda
Clutterbuck and Lewis
4 Louise Morgan
5 Helen M Sturgess
6 Susan Andrews
7 Mark Titmarsh
Renay Pepita
9 Anya Pesce
10 Corinne Brittain
25 JAN +
25 JAN – 3 FEB
12noon Mon 21 JAN – 11am Fri 25 JAN
5pm Sun 3 FEB – 12noon Mon 4 FEB
$120 each
Elke Wohlfahrt

GROUP F  28/1//19–4/2/19
Tamsin Salehian
2 Nadia Odlum
3 Eva Simmons
4 Claire Gibbon
Lisa Andrew & Rachel Buckeridge
6 Allan Giddy
Joyce Lubotzky
8 Annelies Jahn
9  Adrian Hall
10 Wendy Miller 
11. Nola Farman 
12 .Nina Raven
13. Laine Hogarty
1 - 3 FEB
12noon Mon 28 Jan – 11am Fri 1 FEB
5pm Sun 3 FEB – 12 noon Mon 4 FEB
$60 each

The table above shows key dates for the group you decide to join, and you are also asked to come to each of the 5 openings to see how your work and other artists' works change as their contexts change.

If you would like to participate in FERMENT, please reply ASAP saying which group you'd like to join (give your first 3 preferences in case too many people want the same group), plus mobile/phone and email contact, and we will respond with more details. (If you know other artists who would be interested and who you think would contribute well to FERMENT, please send their contact information.)

As soon as possible after that, please send an image (of earlier work or work planned for FERMENT) and optional small text (max 100 words) about you and your work for advance advertising on the Articulate blog, press releases and invitations.

FERMENT is called FERMENT because it sounds slightly like FERRET of 2018, which was named after FERAL of 2015, which was named because it sounded like FAIR ISLE of 2013 (titled because of the progressive nature of the Fair Isle knitting pattern) and because, like FAIR ISLE, its overlapping structure is a slightly feral form of exhibition practice.  

There is no theme for work included in FERMENT. Though Articulate’s focus is on installation and spatial artwork generally, the work you exhibit in FERMENT is up to you. You are just asked to follow the dates in the program, leave other people’s work unchanged (unless you have their agreement) and return the space to how you found it (cleaning materials and matching paint are available). 

We also want a mix of small and large works that are installed by you with regard to their location—have a conversation with us if you think your planned work needs some negotiation.

As well as installing your own work, you are asked to come to an advance meeting for your group, and to support the group through sitting the space for 3 hours, or helping put on the opening (with funds from FERMENT fees) or preparing & printing the room sheet for your group (Word template available – each group can update the previous room sheet).

The fees of $60 for each artist in A and F, and $120 for each artist in B–D covers rent, modest opening costs and modest photographer's fees. (The photographer will be asked to document the relationships between works rather than focusing on separate works, so please also take your own images.  You will be sent an invoice once you confirm participation.

Please let us know if you would like to write about the whole project or individual iterations for the FERMENT blog posts, or want to propose someone else as a writer. (Texts for FERRETFAIR ISLE and FERAL are on the Articulate blog – click on FERRETFERAL 1,2,3,4 and 5, and  FAIR ISLE under INDEX on the right side.)

Please send your preferences for groups ASAP.  Acceptances close as soon as each group is full.  Names will be listed in the program above as they come in.