INTERVAL is planned as a group project space project that may be suitable as a way for artists to use the large and varied spaces in Articulate during the shut-down period of the pandemic.

 The project is planned to:
• begin with slide-show talks emphasising demountable nature of spatial art practices
• be conducted as individual and/or collaborative practice as decided by the group
• have built-in social distancing and other practices that prevent spread of COVID-19
• provide optional individual/group crits with spatial artists from outside the group
• occur in April - May - June 2020, depending on future COVID-19 advice.
• have a fee of $200 for 3 weeks (or less depending on the number of participants).

The project space projects were devised in 2011 to test Articulate’s original conception as a project space. You can see documentation of 2011-2019 project space projects here. INTERVAL is planned to experiment with a group form of project space project, inspired by the success of the related PROXIMITY  workshops that draw on similar ideas.  

We hope you are interested in participating in this plan, and if so please:
•  email your expression of interest to 
•  with INTERVAL in the subject heading, 
• saying why you are interested in participating and attaching/linking to a CV.  

Look back here for updates