Coming - PROXIMITY 2020

Opening Friday 28 February 6-8pm
Open 29 Feb-1 March 11am - 5pm

PROXIMITY 2020 will show the work of artists who are currently students of the National Art School who have selected this workshop as part of their participation in the 2020 Margaret Olley National Art School Drawing Week, which is the school's warm-up to start of semester.

These artists are Freddy Anderson-Lingo, Caitlin Broe, Kim Bennett, Ana Butron, Quinn Chen, Yalan Chen, Julia Harris, Luke Kennedy, Sabine Le Tourneau, Sara Mugnes, Jeni Mulvey , Alicja Socha, Imogen Romot-smith, Sophia Ryerson, Calvin Sawada-Jorgen, Nell Thomson, Anna Tierney, Lesley Wengembo, Ellen Wickens and Belinda YeeImages of their work will be added as work progresses. 

This workshop encourages students to develop a sensitivity to their immediate environment, and to engage with the building and general location in which they work. They will be supported by Articulate  directors, Margaret Roberts and Emma Wise to use the space as a project space, in which artwork is developed in the space in which it will be shown. PROXIMITY 2020 workshop participants plan to work in the space for 4 days, and then open it to the public for the weekend.

Project space work is one of the processes we invite artists to engage in when participating in the Articulate program generally. While many artists show exhibitions of artwork made elsewhere, the project space project program has been devised for artists who want to experiment spatially by devising and/or developing the work in the space in which it is to be shown.   

See work made in earlier PROXIMITY workshops here

Billie Robertson from PROXIMITY 2018