Coming - Degrees of Refinement

opening event: Friday 6th April 6-8pm
Open 11am - 5pm Friday - Sunday,  7 - 15 April 

Degrees of Refinement*  shows the work of artists Linden Braye, Rachel Buckeridge, Lesley Giovanelli, Anne Graham and Eva Simmons

A group of sculptors, who incorporate clothing into their art works, will come together to create a highly tactile exhibition with colourful installations, freestanding sculptures and wall works.  Clothing can represent the body but also signify cultural attitudes and personal beliefs. Degrees of Refinement is a term referring to signs of process which impact on how viewers experience the work, their sensory experience and understanding of it. The process visible in the clothes, the fabrics and the works themselves ranges from rough, crude and raw to smooth and highly finished. 

*Christina Murdoch Mills in Materiality as the Basis for the Aesthetic Experience in Contemporary Art

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