Have Your Say is our annual end of year exhibition of work by artists who have previously shown there. If you are one of those,  this year you are invited to have your say about current political, artistic or other issues over that time in artwork you install in Have Your Say.

Have Your Say is intended for artworks that respond to such issues in spatial or other experimental  ways,  and that are preferably installed by the artist. If you would like to participate, please email us your plans (with images and links as appropriate) by Friday 4 December 2015 (to be included in the Press Release) or by Sunday 13 December (to be included in the invitation). Please send plans to
•  etalucitra@gmail.com with the heading 'Have Your Say'.  We will respond to your email asap.

Participants are asked to
• meet at Articulate at 10.15am on Tuesday 15 December to negotiate locations and scheduling in the space.  If you can't make it then, you can send a proxy, or select from available locations that remain after this meeting. 
• install your own work in Articulate, in locations negotiated with other artists
• agree to your phone and email contacts being shared with other participants in case artists need to communicate with you during installation.
• complete an on-line roomsheet giving details of work as requested on the sheet.
• pay a $50 participation fee (which includes opening wine & food) and if easy for you, also sit the space for 3 hours while it is open (only 6 people are needed for this).
• install your work between Tuesday 15 - Friday 18 by 11am. Access times are flexible.
• de-install your work between 5pm Sunday 20  and 8pm Monday 21 December. 
• Hours Of Opening: Have Your Say will be open 11am - 5pm Fri 18 December - Sunday 20 December.
Opening and end-of-year party: Friday 18 December 6-8pm. 
• Please see this Have Your Say  Coming Page for updates. Names of participating artists along with their images will be published here by 14 December.
• Articulate hopes to include all artworks proposed but reserves the right to select on the grounds of space availability or quality of proposed works. (We encourage a range of sizes of works and in the unlikely event that there are too many large works for the space available, you will  be given the option to propose a smaller work.) 

See the 2010 opening Articulate exhibition here