Rental space available for artists to work during COVID-19

Articulate is temporarily closed to the public and has suspended its exhibition program during the COVID-19 period. During that time its physical space is available for rent for art-related work, for example documentation of your work, testing out work in a ‘gallery’ space, undertaking project space work to develop your ideas, doing an online exhibition (not necessarily tied to Articulate’s  identity).
The whole space, or part of the space, is available for rent for a minimum of one week. The ground floor project space divides into 4 approximately equal bays, the smallest being 5mx4m. The mezzanine accommodates 2 artists with physical distancing.
Rental rates are proportionate to the space occupied, and are available at 20% discount during this time of closure, making the whole ground floor $440 per week, and the whole mezzanine $100 per week, with a $300 bond for each rental, returnable immediately on restoration of the space to its found condition. 
Numbers using the space at any one time will be restricted and safety precautions taken in line with government restrictions and guidelines. You will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to comply with them, and payment will be through direct debit in advance.
Please contact us at with these details:
1. Your name and contact (phone and email), 
2. Dates you would like to rent the space
3. How you plan to use the space
4. What space or part of the space you would like to rent?
5. Unless you have exhibited or worked at Articulate before:
• your CV or website 
• a referee (and mobile) who we can contact regarding your reliability (re security, physical distancing etc).

Ground floor project space:

mezzanine level exhibition space (outside studios):

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