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On unintended consequences: 'I believe you have something to tell me'

On unintended consequences.
'I believe you have something to tell me' is an ongoing inconclusive 'work' created collaboratively in situ, that has no imperative to progress. Any notional 'advance' toward resolution (littered with the presupposition of 'outcome') has been disallowed. The intent is to frustrate conclusiveness in deliberately taking wrong or inadvisable turns, to make an art out of 'shooting oneself in the foot' (in avoiding any actual targets). This liberty: the freedom to misdirect and aim badly risks the ricochet, and the ricochet is always telling.
1 bag Calcium Hydroxide
1 book 'Modernism' with 48 colour plates extracted
1 cos lettuce, preferably limp
3 bolts of cloth (white, grey, wine red)
96 butter tubs and lids, degreased
7 large sheets square pattern making card
1 Cyclopaedia of New South Wales 1909, shredded and clipped (for gentlemen)
1 nominal 'rat'
1 white board
2 polythene sheets
3 tennis balls
1 random text (headmaster & boy)
1 small wooden construct (rodent dwelling)
Several sheets of A3 photocopy paper
Assorted marker pens, pins, tape, brushes, thread, stickers, gadgets.
Add water and simmer on a low heat