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To 20 November: Kathryn Ryan - Pieces of Practice

Open last day - 

3-5pm, Sunday 20 November

"It is an odd thing, I believe, to be constantly looking down at the ground, always searching for broken and discarded things. After a while, it must surely affect the brain. For nothing is really itself anymore. There are pieces of this and pieces of that, but none of it fits together. And yet, very strangely, at the limit of all this chaos, everything begins to fuse again...As an object hunter you must rescue things before they reach a state of absolute decay. You can never expect to find something whole-for that is an accident, a mistake on the part of the person that lost it-but neither can you spend your time looking for what is totally used up. You hover somewhere in between, on the lookout for things that still retain a semblance of their original shape-even if their usefulness is gone." Paul Auster 'In the Country of Last Things' Faber and Faber, London 1989, p.35-36

cotton feather
Drawing for Twigs for Wood
Drawing for Window Drawings
Feather Cocoons
House Nests for Eggs
How to Draw Birds
Object Circle
Shell Sun
Spoon Shadows
Photos: Kathryn Ryan

Pieces of Practice  is the fourth in the project space project programmed by Articulate project space