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Margaret Roberts spoke about the project space project at the 2012 AAANZ conference  held in Sydney on 12-14 July 2012, as part of the following session:  

Exhibition practices and permeable relationships
Speakers: Sarah Goffman, Ann Finegan and Margaret Roberts

This session examines the relationships promoted by exhibition practices, including relationships between artworks and their location, between artists and audience and between exhibitions and art practices. The session will focus on exhibition practices that support the move away from the convention of spatial and other autonomy in artwork. This convention was questioned throughout the twentieth century, from Constructivism to Happenings to Relational Aesthetics. Daniel Buren included his observations of the negative effect of mobility on artwork in his justification for his own site-related practice in The Function of the Studio.  In The White Cube, Brian O'Doherty claimed that gallery conventions adjusted during the twentieth century so as to contain artists' attempts to construct new relationships with the space beyond the frame.  This session will discuss three current exhibition practices in the light of the ongoing evolution of these historic developments. 

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