above: Linden Braye Helpful Viewing Tools (details)
above: Francesca Mataraga fragment from Elisabet (detail) 
above: Alicia Poppett STACK (detail) 
Above: Alicia Poppett STUCK (detail)
Above: Sue Callanan and Margaret Roberts yellow-space (detail)
Laine Hogarty Trespass (detail)

photos Ella Dreyfus

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  1. I have friends who are artists and they have a storage of seemingly mundane items that they can somehow put together to create art pieces. I have always appreciated how they can do that with so much ease. It’s almost like they have been storing up a well of inspiration in them and simply let it flow when they create. It’s beautiful. And these works I see here are beautiful too. There really is something very sublime standing in the middle of an art gallery and enjoying the beauty around you. I simply hope there are more of such exhibitions around.