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photos / videos by Margaret Roberts

The AAAAAAAAAAAH! project explores the concepts of restricted passage through space.  The floor installation reflects the architecture – a mirror image of the structural beams are laid carefully on the gallery floor using reclaimed timber from Boats built and restored in Putney in Sydney. The work appears to only be on one plane, however it’s dialogue extends vertically through the space. A volume of space is realised when the viewer makes a link between floor work and the buildings structural beams. The beams which are supportive maintain the integrity of the space by offering a structural framework which allow us to traverse the space safely. By contrast the reflective floor work is decorative and has no functional value. Instead it creates an obstruction that forces the viewer to adjust the way they negotiate the space. This engagement with the work presents the AAAAAAAAAH! moment when the audience decide to engage the space despite the obstacle of the artwork. 

This project  is assisted by the Australian Government 
through the Australia Council for the Arts,
 its arts funding and advisory body.