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The Dog Show opens at Articulate project space on Friday 24 May at 6-8m.

The Dog Show will include the work of artists Christine Cornish, Steven Lojewski,  Noelene Lucas, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Debra Porch, Eugenia Raskopoulos and Wendy Teakel. The artists all have (or have had) dogs as an important part of their families. Christine Cornish and Steven Lojewski have Beagles Miko and Quincy and Tashi the Shih Tzu. Noelene Lucas had George and Bruno who were Dalmations.  Daniel Mudie Cunningham had the Terrier Normie Hot Rocks. Debra Porch has Felix a miniature salt and pepper Poodle. Eugenia Raskopoulos has Atom and Stella and had Astro, all Standard Poodles. Wendy Teakel has Ruby, Lucy and until recently Millie, Tenterfield Terriers. 

These artists come together in an exhibition about dogs that reveals the experience of life with dogs, and explores the relationships these artists have with their dogs. It may be about love and loss, joy and grief, endurance and what endures, top dogs and top people, in fact the gamut of experiences of life, love and dogs. 
Opening: Friday May 24
Dates: 24 May - 16 June
Hours:  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am till 5pm