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MULTI_GRIP opens Friday 12 July 6-8pm

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Open 11am - 5pm, Fri - Sun, July 12 to July 28 at Articulate project space 

MULTI_GRIP is an exhibition of work by artists Connie Anthes, Sue Callanan, Lynne Eastaway, Jane Gavan, Beata Geyer, Lesley Giovanelli, Adrian Hall, Georgina Pollard, Alicia Poppett, Margaret Roberts, Tania Rollond, Kathryn Ryan, Kelley Stapleton, Skye Wagner, Emma Wise and Ling Yuen.

While the works come from whatever is currently happening in each artist's practice, the exhibition also reflects Articulate's focus on relationships artworks construct with their location. The spatial and physical nature of artworks mean they attach to their physical location in one way or another, and it is this physical relationship, as well as the expected multiplicity of those 'gripping' methods, that is acknowledged in the title.  

Connie Anthes Untitled (Prop #1 + 2), 2013.
 Installation with struts, found objects.  
Dimensions variable.
 Image courtesy the artist. 
Sue Callanan Another dab’ll do it: “Back in 5”
The art of construction versus the construction of art.
The building is the site. The artist seeks to prevail in or against its presence. But as site, it is the beginning point for considering the nature of construction: a work in progress where, as with the human body we aspire to perfection through persistent repair.
The artist has left her watch: “Back in 5 mins”, and the work takes on a life of its own - builder’s foam oozes from the cracks it seeks to fill, defying its intended purpose.
A dab of glue, clamp, wait……

Lynne Eastaway Found 2013
Jane Gavan, Light louvre grip 2013 Dimensions Variable
 Glass louvre windows, CNC cut vinyl decals, LED lights, Thin plastic film.
Light Louvre Grip explores rhythm and movement suggested by graphic elements
 in combination with site specific materials and objects. Surface pattern is balanced with the soft textures
 of light and colour moving and changing through the windows from outside as the day passes. 

Beata Geyer CU mdf & paint 2013  (detail)  
Lesley Giovanelli Phaistos 2013
Adrian Hall Staple 2013
Georgina Pollard Elsewhere 2013 
housepaint on plaster and bone, double side stickytape and nails 

Alicia Poppett Untitled, multicolour installation, plasticine,2013
Margaret Roberts Occupy Kobro (SC9) 2013 felt
Tania Rollond, Fragments (for Stillman), 2013
Porcelain, ceramic stains, string and wire. Dimensions variable.
Kathryn Ryan 
Finger Grips for Articulate (Finger Grips for Stairs, Ceiling, Wall, and Floor) 2013
Materials: Clay, Finger Grip Impressions (left and right hand), 
Tags, Leather Pouch, Bone China Bowl, Pin, Cotton.
 Kelley Stapleton Articulated Steps MDF 2013 

Skye Wagner Will You Catch Me if I Fall 2013
Emma Wise Repair 2013
Tissue paper, rice paste, dimensions variable
Ling Yuen from the source of the swirling river 2013 (detail)