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LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND - Beaker drawing -Toni Warburton Saturday 23 November 11am-5pm

This Saturday 23rd November, from 11am - 5pm, Toni Warburton will be in the project space making and drawing on wheel thrown clay beakers as part of her work: coal clay water wood - some processes and relationships.

Visitors are invited to post words, images, patterns, marks, ideas into the  wooden box labelled Tenders for the artist to select from to do beaker drawings.

It will be possible for interested visitors to be shown the scraffito  technique  and to participate in doing a beaker drawing. 

On Sunday 1st December during the exhibition closing and launch of Artlink Mining Issue, the completed beakers will be available for sale for $30 each.

photos by Chris Ward and Loretta Picone