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Slowing Down Time - final day

L-R: artists' talks: Sue Healey, Michele Elliot, Louise Curham, Jo Law
The last day of Slowing Down Time showed the accumulated works of four artists who have distinct practices but share similar aesthetics and are very familiar with each other's practices. It is an interesting example of collaboration in which both individuality and commonality are  maintained.  For example, the direct drawing (pencil on plaster wall) by Michele Elliot is linked to the animated line projections of Jo Law; the sound-super8 collaboration of Louise Curham, Alister Spence and Alexandra Spence merge with the dance projections of Sue Healey. This project also explores relationships between the space within images and the space in which images are located through the use of movement and stillness. The progressive nature of Slowing Down Time is also taken up again in the following project, Fair Isle, with the difference that the Fair Isle artists come together randomly by selecting a fortnight- time slot, and the interactions between works is also expected to be more random.  

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