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THREADS, Maryanne Coutts' new drawing project, will be launched on Saturday 28th June 3-5 pm

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THREADS Press Release

Hours of opening: Friday - Sunday 11am - 5pm, 27  June - 13 July.

THREADS opening event: Saturday 28 June 3-5pm

This is the launch of Threads, where artist, Maryanne Coutts is setting out to draw her way across the surface of google earth through links between people who are photographed together. Starting with drawings of groups of people who have been photographed with the artist, those people have then been invited to send group photographs to be drawn and then the people in those photographs also invited and so on, across the globe.

The launch is an opportunity to link in with the project. Visitors are invited to be photographed with the artist and bring their own group photographs for inclusion in the threads.

Just as our social networks increasingly exist in virtual space, documenting the times when we are together, seems to grow in importance. From formal meetings between heads of state and family gatherings, to informal gatherings between friends and even strangers, we take group photographs as if to prove the actuality, and value, of being together in the same place.

In response, it is ultimately the ambition that the project will live on-line, but this show also incorporates related material works which explore an immediate response to Maryannes existence in specific space and time. She taps into traditions of both keeping journals and journalism, in intricately related ways. It will include works in watercolour, mixed media, drawing, video and animation. Some of these related projects can be viewed also on her blog at

Maryanne Coutts is represented by Australian Galleries

Virginia Grayson
Joe Frost 
Small Drawings of Human Beings is a Threads satellite exhibition curated by Maryanne Coutts at ArticulateUpstairs

Small Drawings of Human Beings is open 4 July - 13 July and includes work by Stephen Bird, Peter Bonner, Lucy Buttonshaw,  Dagmar Cyrulla, Joe Frost, Virginia Grayson, Kaitlin Ku, Deborah Marks, Jo Meisner and Stephanie Monteith.

Small Drawings opening event: Saturday 5 July 3-5pm.

Small Drawings Roomsheet