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Project dates: 7th – 26th October
Closing event: Sunday 26th October 2-4pm
Project space opening hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11am – 5pm
For access at other times between 7 and 26 October contact the artists on 0414 494 559

Each artist will be working in the project space on the following dates:
Jo Law 12th-16th Oct
Michele Elliot 7-11th Oct
Sue Healey 17th - 22nd Oct
Louise Curham 24-26th Oct

Slowing Down Time is an ongoing project that aims to open up a dialogic space for artists Jo Law, Michele Elliot, Louise Curham and Sue Healey to create works together. This is their third iteration of Slowing Down Time. It builds on the previous two, the first here at Articulate project space in April and the second at the Faculty of Creative Arts Gallery, University of Wollongong in August.

above  image: slowing down time 1

Their collaboration explores the premise of slowing down time in order to create a palpable zone where the experience of time is decelerated. Responding specifically to the site, the artists invite the audience to negotiate the dimensions of the space and experience minute details and interventions, to consider fragments and residues of memories and objects. The four artists share an attentiveness to the everyday, to materiality and gestures, to domestic scenes and traces of habitation.
Each artist takes the space for five days and has a day overlapping with the next artist. The layers of work evolve over the duration of the project as a new contribution is added each week. These responses culminate in a richly textured and layered work in the final week of the exhibition.

image left : slowing down time 2

The nature of this project pivots on a dialogic and accumulative practice. As a conclusion to the project, the artists will lead a discussion about the creative process of the work and invite the audience to participate in critical dialogue about the making process and whether they have succeeded in slowing down time.

image left: slowing down time 2