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SATURDAY 7 MARCH: Janine Bailey, Veronica Habib, Jennie Feyen

SATURDAY 14 MARCH: Phaptawan Suwannekudt, Elizabeth Ashburn, Sarah FitzGerald

SATURDAY  21 MARCH: Jill Gibson, Susan Buret, Georgina Brinkman.

Janine Bailey, a fire fighter, will explain why women fire fighters are paid rank for rank more than men; Veronica Habib will explore dress codes and revealing and concealing the body; Jennie Feyen will look at female sexuality and Butoh Theatre; Phaptawan Suwannakudt, born in Thailand and now living in Sydney, explores the domains women are allowed to occupy in Thailand, in contrast to tattooing and the performance of magic spells, which in the Lanna culture of North Thailand are restricted to men; Elizabeth Ashburn will consider how language in art can be used to stop violence; Jill Gibson, visiting from the UK, will talk about the sculptural free flowing line in direct response to the work of Marisa Merz, who uses readily available materials and combines these with ‘traditional female crafts’; and Susan Buret will talk about how women's craft, here the handmade rug, can be used as a device for gathering and nurturing.