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Katherine Scott: project space project #10

5 -18  January 2016

The project space project is a strand of Articulate's programming that began in 2011 to find out how artists respond to project spaces as an exhibition practice.  Articulate thinks of it as focusing on the thinking processes that go on in art making, and on the relationships that are formed between artworks and the places in which they are made. It draws on Daniel Buren's The Function of the Studio 1971  which he ended by praising Brancusi (before his studio got moved) for being . . . the only artist who, in order to preserve the relationship between the work and its place of production, dared to present his work in the very place where it first saw light, thereby short-circuiting the museum's desire to classify, to embellish, and to select. The work is seen, for better or worse, as it was conceived. . . 

Opening hours in project space projects are decided during the project, and the artist has the option to not open the door to the public at all. This is because, for many artists, impending public exhibition means that the experimental and open thinking that can go on in the studio-situation is over-ridden with the urgent need to demonstrate its resolution in finished artwork in an exhibition. For this reason, we think of project space work as an exhibition practice in which artists bring a project or strategy that both focuses thinking processes and protects them against premature resolution. Thus while project spaces can provide for the exhibition of resolved work that needs time for construction in the space, they also encourage the exhibition of questions or intentions, the sort of art practice that Robert Morris described as having shifted the weight of the art act … from judgments about termination to decisions about initiation. 
 (Robert Morris 'Some Splashes in the Ebb Tide' in Continuous Project Altered Daily .. p129)
Katherine plans to start her project with ping pong and street activity. Documentation / announcements of events, opening hours etc will be made here.

See Katherine's work in FERAL 2, 2015. (FERAL was also an experiment in exhibition practice.)

Nine artists have participated in project space project to date.  Images and notes from their work can be seen here, and 2012 reflections on that stage of the whole project here.