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Saturday Artists talks in Room To Move

Saturday 12 March: Gary Warner, Margaret Roberts, Jenny Brown
Saturday 19 March: Fiona Kemp, Virginia Hilyard,  Linden Braye
Saturday 26 March:  Emma Wise, Sue Callanan, Lesley Giovanelli, Julian Woods
The artists talks during Room To Move are generating interesting discussion and good attendance. On the first Saturday we listened to Gary Warner's orchestra of instruments fed by turntables and gravity, and heard about how he arrived at them. Then we heard Margaret Roberts talk about her ninth (and so far final) re-make of one of Katarzyna Kobro's works, and how she got to this project. Finally Jenny Brown spoke about making her video designed to give voice to the mourning we will experience for the loss of place as climate change progresses. Images are below.

Today Fiona Kemp talked about how she arrived at using horse figurines and horse-feed bags to engage with memory processes. Then Virginia Hilyard spoke about her practice of making rubbings of doors and clothing and its similarity to her related practice of recording sound in walls etc using contact microphones. Linden Braye then talked about how she got a video recording of a father and son playing a coin tossing game in the CBD and her interest in relating the content of such found footage with the surfaces on which it is later projected.  We got so involved in the discussion that no one remembered to take any photos.

Next Saturday Emma Wise will talk about her interactive access work, Sue Callanan about her swimming projection, Lesley Giovanelli about her fabric sculpture and Julian Woods about his pillar-of-water projection. Come along at 2pm for the talks and discussion.

back: Gary Warner an aleatoric ensemble (variations) 2016
front: Lesley Giovanelli Dwarka 2016

Margaret Roberts discussing #9 2016
Jenny Brown discussing her The hitchhiker’s guide to the Symbiocene 2016