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Opening FRIDAY 3 JUNE - I’M OK, YOU’RE OK #2: Merryn Hull

Saturday 4 June to Sunday 19 June
Opening on Friday 3 June, 6-8pm

I’M OK, YOU’RE OK #2: Merryn Hull and
EXTRAORDINARY VIEWS (curated by Merryn Hull)
Ciaran Begley, Georgia Brown, Camilla Cassidy, Kirsten Drewes,
ek.1 (Katie Louise Williams + Emma Hicks), Stephen Little, James Nguyen

Image: Merryn Hull, 2016.

I’M OK, YOU’RE OK#2 and EXTRAORDINARY VIEWS present two groups of work showing concurrently at Articulate project space. I’M OK, YOU’RE OK#2 is a solo show of Merryn Hull’s work and EXTRAORDINARY VIEWS offers a collection of colleagues’ work curated by Merryn. Both exhibitions are positioned as exploratory research relating to Merryn’s PhD candidature.

Merryn Hull’s interdisciplinary practice reflects on the way we connect to the everyday. It does this by exploring objects and ideas configured in constructed environments so that they can be understood in ways discovered by the viewer. The idea behind both exhibitions is that the everyday becomes special if viewed in particular ways. Recognisable objects, both in substance as well as subject are transformed through context into art objects. The objects and materials used in this way give the works a twenty-first century focus acknowledging a culture that celebrates things that are no less brilliant despite their ready availability.

The exhibitions also investigate our capacity to look inwards at our lives. They do this by presenting a series of framed views which provide a kind of evidence relating to our current world while at the same time offering the opportunity to step into another world. They also comment on the nature of contemporary painting by referencing ideas which expand the notion of ‘painting’ as painting in terms of its traditional medium definition; ‘painting’ as installation which alludes to painting; ‘painting’ as photograph which functions as painting and ‘painting’ as video/projection which uses the moving image to evoke painting.