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Stable opens Friday 18 November 6-8pm

Artists: Nuha Saad, Kath Fries, Danica Knezevic and Fiona Kemp
Opening: Friday 18 November, 6 - 8pm
Artist talks: Sunday 4 December, 3 - 5pm
Exhibition19 November to 4 December 2016
Open hours: Friday to Sunday 11am - 5pm

STABLE connotes many things including mental, physical, environmental, elemental stability and instability; a shelter for horses; or a bringing together - as in a stable of artists. These ideas are explored in Stable, a group exhibition by Nuha Saad, Kath Fries, Danica Knezevic and Fiona Kemp who all share mutual interests in exploring both the conceptual and material qualities of their practices, working with site-responsive, experimental and embodied processes. Together the four artists will generate new interpretative connections to critique the themes of stability and stables in Articulate project space. Their scope is broad, Nuha Saad works with abstracted ornamental objects, Kath Fries with ephemeral forms, Danica Knezevic with durational performance, and Fiona Kemp works conceptually within her multidisciplinary practice. Materiality will be a central concern in Stable, as these artists playfully and thoughtfully push the limits of their practices and mediums.

Danica Knezevic, Bound by longing, 2015, 
Performance, still from video 7:55 minutes

Fiona Kemp, Horse Gift Mandala, 2016, 
Horse feed bags sown together with horsehair, 
and horse sculptures received over the years as gifts. 
diameter 310 cm, Photograph: Ian Hobbs

Kath Fries, Suffuse, 2016, 
beeswax, charcoal powder, paper and light, (detail view).
Photograph: Kath Fries

Nuha Saad, Work in progress - detail, 2016, 
Flock wallpaper, acrylic and furniture, dimensions variable
Photograph: Nuha Saad