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Cecilia White's moving experiences (breathing in, breathing out) opens Friday 31 March 6-8pm

Open Friday - Sunday 1-9 April 2017
to participate: email to or simply drop by
Artists panel talk: Saturday 25 March 3-5pm

Cecilia White moving experiences 2017

Whole populations are incessantly tempted and, too often, tormented to move: personally, politically, geographically, socially. Others are left behind. Recently I moved again and, as I contemplated the packing boxes I hadn't seen for a long time, I also contemplated what it means to move and what might make moving easier.

"to move" has connotations of shifting emotions, objects, purpose, self: moving experiences. Exploring boundaries and boxes Georges Perec wrote in Species of Spaces: 'To live is to pass from one place to another, while doing your very best not to bump into yourself.' But we do bump: so we gather anxieties and try to cultivate wonder along the way. 

Moving is like breathing: affected by where and how we live and the journey to/from/through living. I want to know what is in the pause of breathing - that empty/full space like a house we might live in.

Moving into what was once an automotive repair shop I create my new home to explore what might happen to our sense of self and suffering if we pause to look, listen and understand who/what moves us and who/what we move? You are invited to visit, to unpack a box and share moving experiences. In response I will create you a Moving RepAIR Kit, perhaps to ease the bumps in living.

You're invited to explore breathing space as I move into Articulate Project Space...with twelve moving boxes ready for y/our experience. You can book a specific time to unpack experiences (Friday 31, Sat 01, Sun 02, Fri 7, Sat 8, Sun 9; 11am - 5pm) by email to or simply drop by.