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Systems: Air and Water - closing drinks Sunday 30 April 2-4pm

Come and see the rest of each of these artworks, and celebrate the conclusion of Systems: Air and Water with the artists on Sunday afternoon.  

Deborah Porch Facts of Life 2017 (detail) 

Deborah Porch life-line 2017 (detail)
Hilarie Mais System 10 2016 (detail) 
Hilarie Mais Window (Sense 3) 2005 (detail)

Anne Graham Feather Cloud 2017 (detail)

Noelene Lucas Sacrifice Zone 1 2017 (detail)

Noelene Lucas Sacrifice Zone 2 2017 (detail)

Eugenia Raskopoulos Openborders 2017 (detail)

Sue Callanan Air into Water: Water into Air 2017 (detail)