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Solidarity Studios occupied

The Solidarity studios are now occupied by Kalanjay DhirMarta Ferracin, Delilah Lyses-sApo, Sophie Suttonberg (from SCA), Dominic Byrne, Sarah Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Hogan, Elizabeth Rankin (from NAS), Stella Chen, Alexandra Mitchell, Caoife Power, Douglas Schofield (from UNSWA&D) and Akil Ahamat, Ayesha Wasique, Kristina Savic, Rathai Manivannan from UTS. Please visit when open on Friday - Sunday 11-5pm till Sunday 18 June, or at other times whenever people are there working. 

Below are images from some of the studios.  
Caoife Power

Marta Ferracin

Rathai Mannivannan

  Alexandra Mitchell  

Stella Chen

Elizabeth Hogan

Ayesha Wasique

Douglas Schofield

Elizabeth Rankin

Delilah Lyses-sApo

Dominic Byrne

Kristina Savic