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Final Weekend coming up of Articulate Turns Seven

Last day for 2017: Saturday 23 December 11-5pm.  
Next opening: Friday 5 January 2018 6-8pm

Alan Shacher,  Orient -Al-ism, 2017, paper, spices, chair, costume

Alison Clouston and Boyd and shoal Haven artists, NatureLovers, 2017

Chantal Grech,Drawing for John Berger, 2017, vinyl, string and (right) Annalies Jahn untitled 2017

Elke Wolfahrt, A Strange Conversation 2017

Linden BRAYE, twi-light smiley face , 2017

Margaret Roberts Projector-Projection 2017, plaster  + found place

Virginia Hilyard  untitled 2017

Photos: Sue Callanan