FERRET 2 opens Friday 2 February 6-8pm

FERRET 2 will be open 11 - 5pm Friday  2 February till Sunday 4 February. 

FERRET 2 will show the work of Linden Braye, Angus Callander, Sue Callanan, Lily Cummins, Michele Elliot, Laine Hogarty, Fiona Kemp, Raymond Matthews, Sarah Newall, Opie, Anya Pesce, Deborah Prior, Ambrose Reisch, Elizabeth Rankin, Margaret Roberts, Tamsin SalehianKat Sawyer, Kate Scott, Lisa Sharp, Anke Stäcker and Emma Wise. 

FERRET 2 is the second part FERRET, a 5-week, 60-artist project open from 26 January till 25 February.

Tamsin Salehian

Anya Pesce

Raymond Matthew Bending of Light 2018

left: Lisa Sharp; right: Opie

Sue Callanan Filling the Cavity of Time. (2018)

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