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Degrees of Refinement - Clothing as Art, Art from Clothing

shows the work of  Linden Braye, Rachel Buckeridge, Lesley Giovanelli, Anne Graham, Pam Kleemann and  Eva Simmons.

open Friday – Sunday 11am-5pm,  7 - 15 April

Rachel Buckeridge Photo: Peter Murphy
 Karen Dalton sings Katie Cruel 2018 Installation with Towels, cloth, full and empty bottles, table, two chairs, perspex block with coin inside, funky cd player and headphones, cd, glass, posca pens, rafia, masonite, paint, thread, ready made beer belts (they are new), shop dummies, silkscreened cloth, wooden necklace, ceramic dog ashtray, silicone mat 
I love this song, Karen’s amazing voice and the apt words of the song and I love old towels. so why not combine the two. and add a crystal.An ode to Karen and Katie in towels and bottles.
Murder Welcomed 2014 Silk screen embellished with paint and ink 

I usually work with either found or second hand things, making art, clothes, bags, anything really.

Anne Graham Archie's Coat 2018

Archie was a star on the Chinese New Year banners in Sydney 2018  wearing a Chinese jacket . This jacket was made at the Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, and it is made from Archie's own fur, felted to make a jacket  to keep him smart and warm this winter. 

R: Pam Kleemann IBS Dress (Irritable Bridal Syndrome) 2018
Human and synthetic hair, cotton thread, PVA glue on canvas

African-American artist Adrienne Wheeler invited a number of women to contribute to White Dress Narratives (part of the Pure Power exhibition). Each artist was given a white dress blank canvas, to decorate according to our individual perspectives/interpretations of the white dress. The original white dress was hand-made for her mother's year 8 graduation, and the template was cut from the original dress.

 Lesley Giovanelli Photo: Peter Murphy

Walking past a Madonna on Wei Bao Shan Mountain 2018 clothing Indian and Chinese cottons, Malaysian printed sarongs, American designer fabric.  This colour field began with clothing belonging to myself and friends. We no longer wear them but they represented an era in our lives. I wanted to capture the richness of the material and colour and perhaps some of the fantasy they held for us. The brightness of the colour and the patterned fabric reminded me of a beautiful temple I visited in China.

 Linden Braye 
Culture Vultures 2018 porcelain figurines

Culture Vultures represents the historical and cultural layers of objects.

Linden Braye 
Nature Morte 2018 carpet, plants, earth, fox fur.

This carpet was given to me by a good friend because I always admired it. Two events in my house led to its demise. It has been re-used and regenerated.

Linden Braye Rabbit Warren fur coats silk

This work re-uses the pockets of discarded fur coats. The rabbits are made from silk lining which when in the coats give extra luxury and value.

Eva Simmons Anorgasmia 2018 Aluminium wire/foil, textiles acrylic paint, ball-point pen, kitchen paper, oak dowel, ova glue.