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Alan Schacher: Dividing/Line

Open 3 -19 August 2018

Visiting times (please note changes made to earlier advertised times) :
3-4pm Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun August 3rd-5th,
4-5pm Sat August 4 (following the opening event in ArticulateUpstairs)
3-4pm Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun August 9th-12th,
3-4pm Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun August 16th-19th

  Alan Schacher, Line of Fire/ Insubstantiality Performed for 25 Years of Performance Art in Australia, 1994. Photo credit : Heidrun Löhr

In this project performance artist Alan Schacher sets up a ‘non-space’, intending it to be devoid any art-work or performance. He will construct a barrier wall using simple materials including those gleaned from neighbouring streets.  The thematic of lines, borders and boundaries is part of Schacher’s broader exploratory topic of diasporic experience. He takes this work into solo performances as the ‘diasporic body’ subject, and here at Articulate makes it societal, segregating an ‘audience’ who gather to witness.
What will be created is an apart-heid, an arbitrary division of participants.

This is a work based on the single space of 'the gallery' and in undermining its purpose. It has multiple conceptual precedents and influences, including reference to Chris Burden: Exposing the Foundations of the Museum 1967, Pierre Huyghe: After A Life Ahead, Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017, two works at the Biennale of Sydney 2018: Jacob Kirkegaard's Through the Wall at the Art Gallery of NSW (which replicated a section of the Israeli-Palestinian Wall), and Marco Fusinato'sConstellations at Carriageworks (which divided a large space with a huge wall). 

Schacher's ensemble performances with Gravity Feed (1992-2004) often played with the performer/spectator contract of spatial enactment, and in his work Line of Fire 1994 he cut symbolically at an institution's foundation. His performance Sweet Separation 2017 is a tiny separation wall constructed with sugar cubes (to be repeated at Bundanon's Siteworks 2018).

Participants should book into one of 12 timeslots online as the event relies on bodies in the space.
This is Schacher’s 2nd residency at Articulate. In 2011 he created the series One Day Collaborations, in which he collaborated with a different artist each day.
How to attend:
Visiting times :
3-4pm  Fri, and Sun August 3rd and 5th,
4-5pm Saturday 4 August
3-4pm Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun August 9th-12th,
3-4pm Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun August 16th-19th

Reservations :

Following reservation you will receive instructions by email. Please ensure you leave an email address.  Please contact Alan on 0418 272 601 if any problems.
·      (please note there will be no opening or closing event).

Dividing/Line is the second of Articulate's planned Changing Place program, which focuses on single, whole-space installation to emphasise relationships artists construct with location. Articulate plans to use its 2018-19 funding for this program to support and encourage experimental spatial practices, but in the absence of funding from Create NSW, Dividing/Line may be the last one for now.   

      This project is supported by funding from the Inner West Council