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Kenneth Lambert's De-Interlaced opens Friday 14 Sept 6-8pm

Open 11am - 5pm, Fri - Sun,  15-30 September 

opening Friday 14 September 6-8pm

Artists talk 11am Sunday 23 September

Closing Party Friday 28 September 6-8pm

Kenneth Lambert De-Interlaced (detail) 2018

De-interlaced is a technical term borrowed from broadcast media, which in this situation represents the artist’s process of investigation, analysis and final response. The response takes the format of a multi-panel installation work. Each panel represents a specific area of research in which media technologies have had a noted impact on the human psyche. The areas of research represented in the work include personal identity, social interaction, cultural identity, environmental, political and spirituality.

These outcomes have been represented as soft metallic colour fields that intrude over the liquid mirror surfaces. The result is a series of suspended multi-dimensional paintings that are simultaneously translucent, reflective and chromatic in materiality. Further the artist’s intention goes beyond the physical work to include the surrounding space. Light and colour refract onto the gallery’s surfaces as the panels spin on their central axis. This immersive experience can be harmonious, sometimes discordant, and totally dependent on the external environmental forces of light, space and time.

“I strive to create work which is a catalyst for an emotive resonance. A way of beguiling the participant into a seemingly simple but deeply layered experience”.

Kenneth Lambert - Artist

Lambert is a conceptually driven artist whose practice investigates the human psyche through the lens of technology. His practice extends across digital media and installation. Lambert approaches his experimental art practice with the deliberation of a scientist and philosopher combined. His intention is to entice the viewer into a state that is self-reflective.

Lambert’s work has been recently recognized with his inclusion in 2018 the Churchie Emerging Artist Prize, Lismore Portrait Prize, Hidden Sculpture Walk and the Alice Prize. He is also this year’s recipient of the Newington Armory Award: Artist in Residency and has been invited to take part in 2019 Arteles Artist residency program in Finland.