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Democratic Engagement opens 6-8pm Friday 8 March

Evan Pank & Chloe Granato-sing

Open 11am - 5pm Fri - Sun 9 - 24 March

Artists' Talks: 
Saturday 9 March 3-5pm: Evan Pank and Matthew Newkirk
Sunday 17 March 3-5pm:  Chloe Granato-sing  and Clancy Gibson and activist group speaker

Other events:
Saturday 23 March from 1pm:  poster workshop with Chloe Granato-sing and Evan Pank, with a protest/activist group speaker

Saturday 16 and Sunday 24 March: look here again for details

Democratic Engagement is a collaborative exhibition by print artists Evan Pank & Chloe Granato-sing.  Utilising their skill in screen printing, spray paint and collage, they will  create work that explores the Liberal party’s time in office leading up to the state election.  Covering issues such as public infrastructure, lockout laws and environmental issues the artists will seek to create a dialogue with the audience about the city and state around them while presenting their own perspectives with the looming election.

Democratic Engagement runs concurrently with Social Conscience in ArticulateUpstairs, in which Clancy Gibson and Matthew Newkirk explore related ideas and languages.
Granato-sing_Chloe_Neutral Intimacy_2017_screen print

Pank_Evan_The Twelfth Man_2017_screen print, spray paint_220x600cm