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Place and Image opens Friday 26 April 6-8pm

Open 11-5pm Fri-Sun 27 April - 12 May

Artists' talks:
Sat 4 May 3-5pm Linden Braye, Curtis Ceapa, John Gillies, Yvette Hamilton,

Sun 12 May 3-5pm: Loftus St Projects (Therese Keogh), Margaret Seymour, Sarah Woodward, Vsevolod Vlaskine. 

Place and Image shows the work of Linden Braye, Curtis Ceapa, Damian Dillon, Merilyn Fairskye, John Gillies, Yvette Hamilton, Loftus St Projects (Carolyn Craig, Lyn Heazlewood, Therese Keogh and Kat Sawyer), Margaret Seymour and Sarah Woodward.  

Q&A: Artists ask artists about their work

Place and Image reflects on relationships between the virtual space of the photographic image and the live space in which the image is located. Participating artists are from a range of generations, with art practices that use photography in some way, whether from the position of a photographer or that of an installation or cross-disciplinary artist.  

The exhibition is curated by Articulate to show the interdisciplinary potential being explored within artpractices that are sometimes also seen as more discipline-specific. It is also designed to explore ways in which the spatial concerns of Articulate can engage with the photographic concerns being emphasised by many exhibitions around Sydney during Head On. 

It also follows on from an earlier exhibition, Expanded Photography, that brought together artists whose work is also in part concerned with these ideas, and coincides with Vsevolod Vlaskine's photo-related exhibition in
ArticulateUpstairs, rivers of tomorrow.

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Margaret Seymour 2018

Merilyn Fairskye  
#44484d (cyberspace) 2019  (detail)

Place and Image and rivers of tomorrow  are supported by an anonymous tax-deductible donation.