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Three project space projects: Sue Callanan, Elia Bosshard and Fiona Kemp/Virginia Hilyard

10 -15 September
project space project #21

I intend to occupy the ground floor space of Articulate and investigate ways of adapting or altering its architectural features so as to displace the familiar elements and structure, giving them a new reading. I have, at intervals over the life of Articulate, undertaken interventions in different parts of the space. In this instance, I would like to treat the downstairs  space as a whole, using  industrial materials that I’ve gathered over time, turning them into  a new configuration that takes account of the whole of the downstairs space as a single, but multifarious form.

I’m curious about the slippage between art and its architectural surrounds, and how one can be seamed into the other, such that figure and ground oscillate between each other, creating uncertainty about what was meant to be there in the first place.

There will be no official opening for ARCHITECTURAL AMENDMENTS, but the artist will be available for discussion during the opening of Time and the Ocean at ArticulateUpstairs, on Friday 13th Sept 6-8pm, and on Sunday 16th Sept 2-5pm.

Sue Callanan
Sue Callanan​, Remnants: repairs and maintenance undertaken November 2016
17 - 22 September:
project space project #22

Opening event: Friday 20 September 6-8pm; open 11am- 5pm Sat-Sun 21-22 September
Elia Bosshard BINARY FIELD in development, Studio One 2019. Still from video by Hospital Hill

A long path cuts through diagonally, dividing the room into two parts. Essentially one line, it is an active 
object that functions to vertically distinguish between high and low space. Where is high and low? There is no one point when the space transitions from being above to below you. That meeting point
depends on one's relationship to height. The walk from one end to another is slow paced, through which our experience shifts. At what point do we perceive that our relationship with the path has changed or are aware of it changing? BINARY FIELD explores the immediacy of physical environments and how we inhabit and feel the presence of structures as we move by them.
Elia Bosshard

24 - 29 September:
project space project #23

Open Sunday 29 September 2-5pm with discussion with the artists.
Virginia Hilyard/FionaKemp   PARE2019
During a residency on Kotlin Island in Russia last year we gathered together a visual and sound treasure trove. We intend to let this archive loose into the space of articulate to see how it responds with the space and to work on its development.
Fiona Kemp and Virginia Hilyard