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Open Fri - Sun  11am - 5pm,  5 - 20 October

Artist's talk 3pm Saturday 19 October

WORKING IN THE TROUBLE, is a series of work based in Day's work over 25 years working in marginal spaces. In 2011 she began developing work along the Parramatta River where there are the remains of colonial prisons and institutions, that continue into the 20th century (and 21st) to be a focus for mental health services. Much of her work has considered the image of 'the prison on the landscape' as a way to focus the damage on the Australian landscape wrought by colonisation. 

This exhibition also includes some of the work done since 2012 for sites in Tasmania including some documentation The Longford Project* and Abstraction, Abjection and Activism shown in 2018 at the Moonah Arts Centre.  Invisible Words/Invisible Worlds incorporates imagery developed during a residency at the University of Newcastle's Centre for Solar Voltaics incorporating images of carbon nano tubes under an electron microscope making a poetic association with the invisible worlds of the incarcerated since the beginning of Australia's white history.

Myco Logic develops an image of the networked mycelial root systems of fungi as she worked with mental health groups to produce handcrafted fungi.

Working in the Trouble is a new Doctoral Project through Deakin University developing a theoretical structure for projects developed over the last five years.

With thanks to curator Claire Taylor from greyspace who collaborated with the production and realisation of these projects.

*The Longford Project and most recently The Crime Scene Tent is an ongoing research group with Anna Gibbs, Noelene Lucas and Julie Gough. The Crime Scene Tent had films made by each artist that was produced as a result of investigation into colonial crimes that occurred around the town of Longford in Tasmania.

Elizabeth Day, Porous/Transgenerational Trauma, 5.1 X 2.1 m varied re-cycled white yarns knitted on felt backing