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Opening Friday 6 March 6-8pm: WAHLVERWANDTSCHAFTEN

Sydney Art Exchange

Open 11am - 5pm Fri - Sun, 7 - 15 March 2020
Opening event Friday 6 March 6-8pm

Sydney Art Exchange artists are Corinne Brittain, Elke Wohlfahrt, Eleanor Er, Kerry MacAulay and Anya Pesce. 

WAHLVERWANDTSCHAFTEN (ELECTIVE AFFINITIES) is our response to the bushfire crisis in our country. We also wish to draw attention to the political and personal responses to climate change and climate catastrophe.

Sydney Art Exchange Have a Mask 23 January 2020

The P2 mask has become a symbol of personal protection in our time of vulnerability. It has brought the consequences of bushfires into our urban environment and now has also become indicative of a world-wide health crisis. 

It evokes a pervading sense of unprecedented danger. With the use of masks, we acknowledge the powerful articulation of sympathy and compassion, both nationally and internationally, toward those affected.

Wahlverwandtschaften is the title of a book by the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He describes the feelings of sympathy or attraction towards a particular idea, attitude or person. We relate to these concepts because our whole community is drawn together, and seeks protection in the face of impending crisis.