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Clearway (Corona) to be streamed online 27- 28 August.

Rox De Luca's Still gleaning for plastics, on the beach is open until Sunday 30 August, Fri - Sun 11am-5pm.

CLEARWAY (Corona) is currently being filmed by Clare Hawley and directed by Lliane Clarke for Voices of Women amongst Rox De Luca's Still gleaning for plastics, on the beach. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it is being filmed at times when it is not open to the public, and once made, CLEARWAY (Corona) will be released online for a limited time only. 

To watch the film you need to register for the link on There is a Pay What you Can option and a free option to register. The film will be released for 24 hours starting on two dates only.

Filming CLEARWAY (Corona) Sunday 16 August

Filming CLEARWAY (Corona) Sunday 16 August

CLEARWAY (Corona) films actors reading short monologues and stories, in conjunction with music by Elizabeth Jigalin composed for prepared piano in response to Rox De Luca’s work and including two solo musicians, flautist Jessica Scott and cellos Freya Schack-Arnott. 

On composing music to accompany Rox De Luca’s work …
To accompany Rox De Luca’s work, I have composed three prepared piano pieces – each of which have contrasting characters. 
During a visit to Rox’s studio, I was particularly drawn to the colourful, intricate, playful and melancholic nature of her work – qualities that I often explore in my music.  Additionally, Rox’s process of finding, sorting and assembling this material reminded me of my approach to preparing a piano (ie: placing objects into a piano in order to change the sound).
When preparing a piano, I will often explore a combination of found materials that I experiment with in terms of their placement within the piano – extending the palette of sounds I have to work with.
In ‘sculpting’ these three prepared piano pieces, I was able to fill my piano with plastic materials Rox had given me from her own collection – adding a curious dimension/connection between the music and visuals.
On composing two monologues for two solo musicians …
As a transition between the footage of short stories read by actors and Rox De Luca’s artwork, I have composed two ‘monologues’ – one for flutist Jessica Scott and the other for cellist Freya Schack-Arnott.
In composing these two miniatures, I have been drawing upon textual features of the stories (overall structure, themes, titles and phrases) in synthesis with ideas that have been inspired by Rox’s works and the Articulate project space itself.
The musicians will be filmed playing their monologue alongside Rox’s work – as if a duet. I love composing miniatures especially for solo instruments as it  is an opportunity to focus on an idea whilst working in dialogue with the musician who will be bringing the music to life.
Like the stories shared by ‘solo’ actors, there is something beautifully personal about music composed for solo musicians and I am looking forward to experiencing this parallel within the film.
Elizabeth Jigalin, 2020. 
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