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Barbara Halnan's Inclined Plane opens Saturday 26 Sept in Articulate Backroom

Inclined plane - an ephemeral installed work.

September 26 - October 11, 11am-5pm Fri -Sun
Opening day: Saturday September 26 11am - 5pm


Inclined Plane is a site-specific drawing in space in Articulate Backroom in September/October 2020.

Barbara Halnan Inclined Plane, a schematic drawing
Barbara Halnan Inclined Plane a schematic drawing

This space attracts because it is the closest to a "white box" in the gallery. This is the second time this year that I have attempted to make an ephemeral installed work (i.e. now you see it, now you don't) - the first cut short by the pandemic - which didn't worry me too much because the joy of it was in the making.  I'm hoping that this time the dreaded Covid will allow the work to sit there for a bit longer.

Apart from the "boxiness" of the space,  I am also attracted by the distortions which happen - the sloping ceiling emphasised by the beam across the room - making a disturbance in perspectives, a distorted reality - added to this, a spiral is hinted in the configuration of the entrance.

The space itself is an integral part of the work which only exists within its proportions. The inclined plane is defined only by its boundaries. It is delineated within the space, but does not occupy it.

The two elements which are important to me in this exploration are firstly the notion of site-specificity and secondly the ephemeral nature of this genre of installed work.


Barbara Halnan

Conditions of entry to the exhibition:
Because of COVID-19 restrictions, there are limited places in Articulate. You may be asked to wait a few minutes if it is full when you arrive.
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