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Studio 1 | Adrian Hall - Coastal Erosion in the Southern Hemisphere. Three Aspects

Opening Event Saturday Nov 20th, 1-4pm The artist is attending via Zoom
Exhibition from Nov 19th until Dec 5th

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Adrian Hall, ‘Coastal Erosion in the Southern Hemisphere. Looking Towards the Southern Alps’ 2020. Watercolour preparatory A2 drawing. June, 2020

"Coastal Erosion in the Southern Hemisphere. Three Aspects". 
These works developed over twenty years; of walking dogs and offtimes retrieving injured wildlife for the Department of Conservation; around Aramoana, Otago,N.Z.. 

This is home, this is local; a pristine Conservation Area, with visible degradation experienced over time; but it is perceived as emblematic of the greater whole. My ensuing thousands of photographs - neurotically taken without particular intent; since 2014 are distilled into a series of installed images as instances of sensational experience. They challenge our physical scale, and attempt to touch on the inevitable consequences of our warming planet. The physicality of this imagery, the scale and placement in space, alert the  spectator and perhaps induce an unsettling evocation of the awful inevitable. There is torsion - as the careful printing can be viewed as beautiful.

Rueful reflection, though, is not disallowed.

Adrian Hall, 'Coastal Erosion in the Southern Hemisphere. North-East to the Peninsula and Southern Wetland Coastline' 2021. Watercolour and photo preparatory drawing. May, 2021

Adrian Hall is an artist with six decades of living and working and showing; in the United States, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. He has also made innovative and autonomous, self-documenting, installed work in Tokyo.  His practice involved and moved from painting to formal structures, slide/sound works, liive works, photo/ video installations, collaborative actions and drawing. Currently, photographic works with textual addenda at gallery scale have taken over from his live practice, and major structures, but not drawing. He still views himself as a sculptor, inherently working with spaces.


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