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mov.doc opens Saturday 15 January 2-5pm

Open Fri-Sun 11am-5pm 14 -30 January 2022

Opening event Saturday 15 July 2-5pm

Artists talks - TBA


Articulate's third Decade show emphasises artworks that are time-based in incorporating literal movement into their work via moving image or moving objects. (Time-based works that are better described as 'performance' are the subject of a later Decade show.)

Some of the artists who have shown time-based work at Articulate during the last decade will show documentation of that work upstairs and in the backroom. These artists are  Ciaran Begley, Linden Braye, Bet(tin)a Bruder, Sue Callanan, Juliet Fowler Smith, Laine Hogarty, Noelene Lucas, Anne Mosey, Jacek Przybyszewski, Margaret Roberts, Margaret Seymour, Helen M Sturgess, Gary Warner, Sarah Woodward and Belinda Yee. Find their time-based works, and the many other time-based works shown at Articulate during the last 10 years, scattered among the posts seen here. The exhibition will also show a range of ways in which artists decide to document their work. 

The exhibition will be supported by a catalogue of texts by the artists, as well as a 'new' time-based work by Terry Hayes on the ground floor project space.

Ciaran Begley Tabletop #2 2021
Jacek Przybyszewski Eye Level 2021

Adrian Hall, Espérance, 2022 (not now in mov.doc)

Bet(tin)a Bruder mov.doc - moving forward in rearview (2022)

2014 Diagrammatic Entanglements

2015 No words anymore

2017 Bet(tin)a Bruder featuring forever

2018 Contemplative event scores inspired by Fluxus

2018 Ferret out loopholes

2019 get rid of it all

2020 Draughts/droughts

2020 Breakfast with Beta

2021 Dance with Beta

2022 mov.doc – moving forward in rearview

Juliet Fowler Smith

Juliet Fowler Smith

Noelene Lucas

Linden Braye

Margaret Roberts

Margaret Seymour

Sarah Woodward

Sue Callanan