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Chantal Grech 'Points of departure' 16 ‐ 29 January

I have, up to date, been interested in mapping the relationship between the image
and text in the form of fragments where the images are read and the words form
pathways in relation to an ongoing theme, which is the search for ‘home’. At this
point ‘home’ for me resides not in a physical location but in the voice of others and
in their texts which offer an ongoing conversation. Using the myth of Ariadne’s
thread I plan to extend this investigation by exploring ways in which the physical
space of Articulate can intersect with words or objects and further suggest
possibilities for the nature of home.

Chantal Grech Constellations 2010 (paper vinyl gouache pins digital print mixed media)
in Articulate opening show 2010. Photo: Sue Blackburn

Points of Departure is the seventh of Articulate's project space projects