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'Cloud Catchers' opens Friday 3 February at 6-8pm

Cloud Collectors opens at Articulate project space on Friday 3 February 2012, with work by artists Juliet Fowler Smith, Jason O'Brien, Nola Farman, Noelene Lucas and Peter Charuk.  The exhibition is open 11am - 5pm each Friday to Sunday until 25 February.

image: Noelene Lucas, video still from
 Circumnavigation 2004
The artists have each had a long fascination for the diffuse, changeable and ephemeral nature of clouds. Despite being water, clouds are not called water because they are so unlike it. They manifest in their own vastly different forms that change according  to circumstances and conditions. Because of the mystery of being both changeable in form and constant in material, they are readily available as a metaphor for the nature of existence and the perceived relativity of time. Yet they are also very commonplace, the unseen background to everyday life, but one that has recently taken on a new significance with the heightened awareness of climate change and environmental conditions.

The artists use a variety of media to explore their interests in this diverse subject: Peter Charuk's photo and video installation, Jason O'Brien's scattered circular photographs and related floor elements and Noelene Lucas' multiple LED screens for video works will be anchored in the space with sculptural works by Juliet Fowler Smith and Nola Farman.