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Eye of Horus: Lost and Found - documentation

Toni Warburton Template Panorama 2012 (day 8 of project) photo: William Seeto

Facebook comment:  William Seeto posted an image of my work  in process on Facebook  and this lead me to think  in the following way. I have edited this further from my face book post in response to some “likes”

Eye  of Horus: Lost and Found 
This is a changing wall situation so is not actually an installed exhibition.  Wiliam Seeto has made a remarkable photographic image of a very provisional moment within a process of happening ( Sunday 4th March light shadow material space). So an open-ended installing is happening but with no specific intention to arrive at a consolidated moment of installation. Articulate has invited me to work experimentally in the space for two weeks and to think about the implications and modes of documentation.

My focus orientates within the more than four cardinal points of 2D, 3D, thought, materiality, action, collaboration and participation, geometric shapes, embodied line and the contours of vases and remembered terrains. On the basis of my interest in his scans of found  objects and our  ideas for a collaborative artist book in progress, I have invited John von Sturmer to participate in this research. He has created a self-documenting work of text and scans titled Reality Check.  And  on Sunday  he installed a found tubular assemblage as a splayed tripod: a spirited threshold piece.

For the duration  of this situation at Articulate I have named my exploratory  process which retrieves and discards, convenes and disperses transmutes and distils : Eye of Horus: Lost and Found. Perhaps this documentation image of a template panorama, created by William Seeto has revealed a  work? What is a work? Is it a form of stasis of an artist’s intervention that ís called completion? A stoppage that nonetheless enters a new dynamic of being seen? The space may well be emptied by the last day.

Toni Warburton 6th March 2012